$9 / month

  • Track up to 100 animals
  • Export to CSV
  • Record custom notes
  • Track animal movement history
  • Print pedigree certificates
  • Upload photos of your animal


$17 / month

  • Track up to 1,000 animals
  • Import pedigrees
  • Transfer in and out
  • Full Document Library
  • Mailing lists
  • Track animal growth / statistics


$25 / month

  • Track unlimited animals
  • Share pedigrees
  • Issue invoices
  • Receive payments
  • Record custom attributes
  • Api Access

More Details

What animals can I store information on?

Under the 'Hobbyist' subscription, you can record information about any of the animals you like, up to a total of 100 animals (including those in your pedigrees)

How many photos can I upload per animal?

There is no limit :). Upload as many photos as you like, though you will only be able to fit 2 on a printed certificate.

How many generations back can I build pedigrees for?

No limit here either :). By default, we show 2 generations on the screen, but you can expand and follow back as far as your records allow.

What do you mean by 'Track any animal'?

This means you can track animals from other properties and prefixes. You can record a 'transfer' or sale and can track the movements of an animal from that point forward. You can also import their pedigree if the vendor has the information in PremiumBreed, or you can enter it yourself.

What is the document library?

The document library is a place in PremiumBreed you can store any number of documents. This could include photos , certificates, awards, medical information, and anything else you would like to keep in the one place.

What historical information can I track?

You have some set statistics you can measure as time goes on. They include:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body Condition Scoring
  • Grading

Are there no limits to pedigree recording for commercial users?

Correct, you get the very best! You can track as many animals as you like!

What are custom attributes?

This is whatever additional information you want to track about your animals. This can be tracked across all your animals, and could be something that changes over time (number of litters), or something that happens only once (fur colour).

What payment types do you support?

We support credit card payments through PremiumBreed.


per member, yearly

  • 5 User Accounts
  • Pedigree tracking
  • Membership list
  • Certificates & Transfers
  • Audit logs


per member, yearly

  • Unlimited accounts
  • Full parentage
  • Member access
  • Basic membership reports
  • Task manager


per member, yearly

  • Custom email templates
  • Invoicing and receipting
  • Document Management
  • Mailing lists
  • Pedigree integrity checks


per member, yearly

  • Online Payments
  • Custom Fields
  • Membership Workflow
  • Automatic Renewals
  • Api Access

More details

What does Per Member mean for pricing?

There are three broad groups to think of in relation to the per-member pricing

  • The Administrators (usually also known as Registrars). These count as user accounts, but are not counted towards your billing in PremiumBreed.

  • The Membership These are people who record pedigrees, upload photos, download certificates, own animals, sell animals, update / renew their membership. These numbers are counted towards your billing for PremiumBreed

  • Everyone else This covers people who are on your mailing list and may own animals, but do not sell animals through the breed society, and do not have any access to the PremiumBreed system. These numbers are not counted towards your billing in PremiumBreed.

Are there set-up costs?

Yes, we quote on request. The factors that contribute to cost are:

  • Data requiring import
  • Customisations to certificates and forms
  • Customisations to fields
  • Breed specific changes

Request a quote here.

Are there minimum member numbers?

Yes, billing starts at 20 members.

Membership list

Keep track of your members, their membership status and contact details. The membership list ties in to the rest of PremiumBreed allowing you to track animal movements between members, while maintaining a running list of active members, non members and resigned members.

Registrations & Transfers

Build in to the animal tracking system, you can seperate registered animals from unregistered animals, marking the date of their de-registration. You can ensure that only registered animals are transferred, and automatically generate a pdf certificate to be sent to both the seller and the buyer


PremiumBreed also provides both pedigree certificates and transfer certificates that can be generated as required. These certificates include animal detail, your logo and ownership information.

Pedigree and Animal tracking

The core service PremiumBreed provides is a way to track animal movements between properties, and build pedigrees based on that information. PremiumBreed's pedigree builder automatically lists valid animals to be selected as part of a pedigree, and prevents accidental entry of data that would have no chance of being correct.

This prevents recording:

  • Same gender parents
  • Parents that are younger than the child
  • Exceeding then number of likely siblings within a year

Audit logs

All changes made within the PremiumBreed system are recorded at the time they are made. This includes information around:

  • what data was adjusted
  • who made the change
  • what the data was previously
  • what part of the system was used to make the change

This information can be referred to at any time to verify data that has been changed has been done so correctly, or to trace back a discrepancy in your records.

Task Manager

A key difficulty in managing a breed is sharing the workload across multiple registrars and membership officers. PremiumBreed uses an inbuilt task system to help with assigning phone calls, internal administrative tasks, paperwork validation and processing, and recording the handling of difficult issues. By using the task system, any administrator can keep up to date with the status of a request or issue, and provide seamless service to a member.

Member Access

PremiumBreed provides login access to all members of your organisation, where you decide what level of access they have to:

  • Register animals
  • Transfer animals
  • Upload photos and other statistics
  • Search all animals
  • View pedigrees


To keep track of your billing requirements, you can run reports on members joined and resigned, and transfers made within a period. You also have the option to generate voting rolls of financial members for AGM's and other relevant meetings.

Custom email templates

If you need a standard email communication for new members, or enquiries, or sending out transfer certificates, you can use PremiumBreed's inbuilt email templates to keep your branding consistent across multiple users and registrars. You can have as many email templates as you want, and add automatic attachments to be sent with each message.

Invoicing and receipting

Track membership payments, registration fees, show fees, and any other payment you manage. By recording invoices and payments in PremiumBreed, the data is available to any administrator of your association. It also provides an electronic copy of the invoice and payment receipt instantly to the member.

Document Management

PremiumBreed's advanced document manager allows sharing of documents between Association Administrators, and publishing of documents to the membership base, or to the general public. Apply as many categories to documents as you need to and build a common document library for administration, photos, promotion and publications.

Mailing lists

Use an in-built mailing list tool to keep in contact with your membership base, and to promote your organisation to non-members who may have bought animals, or subscribed to your list. The mailing list manager allows you to send messages by state, and also generate tasks to follow up members by phone who do not have access to email.

Pedigree integrity checks

Automatically verify all pedigrees for reasonable birth rates, appropriate class upgrading, and track bloodlines against any invalid or de-registered animals. PremiumBreed makes short work of ensuring that your pedigrees meet a high standard of scrutiny without requiring a huge administrative investment.

Online Payments

Take credit card payments using PremiumBreed's online payment system, alongside cheque, cash and direct deposit payments.

You can take a payment for any service you offer via PremiumBreed, including flexible combinations of membership items, discounts, donations, and more.

PremiumBreed transaction fees are 5% of the total transaction amount.

Custom Fields

Easily add dropdowns, text fields, date fields, and note fields to membership records or animal records. You may wish to record additional details of shows a member has participated in, or different awards different animals may have won.

Custom fields can be set by a the breed society across all members.

Membership Workflow

You can automate the process of collecting yearly membership information, even having members enter this detail themselves using PremiumBreed's "Membership Workflow". PremiumBreed collects data on current registrations, transfers, changes to membership details, and can automatically calculate their membership invoice based off the data submitted. The process is intelligent and informs a member when data they enter is not correct, and provides a visual proof they can use to ensure their data is correct.

Some set-up is required. If you choose to use this feature, a once-off set-up fee may apply.

Automatic Renewals

If your organisation completes regular membership renewals, you can automate the collection of membership fees using PremiumBreed's "Automatic Renewals". As the membership period approaches, a pre-determined email is sent out to the membership, reminding them that their fees will soon be due. Members are prompted to select their membership level and pay when logging in to PremiumBreed.

Optionally, members can also be prevented from logging in until they have paid their fees.