How do I revert a transfer?

How do I revert a transfer?


PremiumBreed can track ownership transfers between members, and to non-members

How to process a transfer of ownership

Registered Transfers

Transfers can be processed between any two people within the database, regardless of membership status.

Follow this simple process to complete a transfer.

Registering animals for transfer

Only existing animals in the system can be transferred. If they do not yet exist, complete their registration before continuing on.

Starting a transfer

  • Select a member
  • Click 'Transfer Animal'

Selecting a buyer for the transfer

The person that is receiving the transfer may already be in the system as a member or a non-member. The buyer may have also bought from this member before. You have the option to choose either:

  • New buyer
  • Repeat buyer
  • All Contacts (for administrators only)
  • Association Member

Either search for the existing entry, or enter a new buyer from scratch. If the buyer already exists in the system, PremiumBreed in most cases can complete a match automatically.

Specify the transfer date

The next screen will ask for the date of transfer. Once this is entered, you will be taken to select the animals to be transferred.

Adding animals to a transfer

Here, you will have a list of all of the animals that are available for transfer from the currently selected member. Click "Transfer" next to each entry to be transferred, and then at the bottom of the page, click 'Continue'.

Reviewing the transfer

You should now see a summary of your transfer, including:

  • Person transferred from
  • Person transferred to
  • Animals to be transferred

If you need to, you can click on 'Add animals to transfer' to transfer more than one animal at once.

Submitting a transfer

Once you are happy with this transfer, click 'Submit transfer' to lodge this request and update the animal's movement history.

Late transfers

The PremiumBreed system can automatically block transfers that are older than 60 days. If this happens, an Administrator will simply need to go back into the transfer, and click 'Submit' again.

Transfer troubleshooting

Occasionally, PremiumBreed will block a transfer if it doesn't meet automatic validation rules. There are a range of different error messages that you might receive, but they will generally give you a good idea of how to fix a problem.

Animal has already been transferred

In this case, PremiumBreed only allows an animal to be transferred from a seller once. This is a built in protection, so the same animal cannot accidentally be recorded as being sold by the same vendor twice. PremiumBreed will identify where the animal has been transferred previously, and give you a link to this entry. From here, you have a few options on how to proceed.
  • Cancel the original transfer
  • Correctly identify the new animal (if different from the existing one) and process a new registration
  • Cancel the new transfer

Animal won't attach to a transfer

If the animal you are selecting doesn't appear to attach to a transfer, chances are it has already been added to a different transfer from the same vendor.  Take a look at other transfer sales for that vendor, and you should find the previous entry.

Reverting a transfer

In the event a finalised transfer should be undone, you can revert the transfer.  To do so:

  • Use the 'Transfer' dropdown and search for the transfer you wish to revert
  • Select the relevant transfer
  • Use the 'Transfer' dropdown again and select 'Revert'