PremiumBreed is all about managing pedigrees for breeders and associations.

Deleting an animal

Deleting animals can only be done by an Administrator. As an Administrator, select the animal, and then choose 'Delete' from the animal dropdown menu.


Associations track animal detail via registration, so as to build a history of animal movements over time.

Historical Registrations

Historical registrations show the animals that have since left a member's ownership. This gives you a list of all the animals that were in your ownership regardless of where they have gone since.

Updating the movement history

We always recommend that you use transfers when building your registration history, as it keeps a log of the seller and the buyer, and it also feeds in to the pedigree builder.

Building a movement history starting from scratch

If the existing history in PremiumBReed has been removed.  You will need to manually re-build this.  First:

 - Select the animal using the animal dropdown
 - Edit the animal using the animal dropdown
 - Go down to 'Force registration record'
 - Select the year of birth as the registration year
 - Select the prefix and property of the original breeder
 - Click 'Register'

Once this first step is complete, you will be able to then transfer the animal as per normal.

Accounting for animals not sold within the Association

  - Select the relevant member
  - got to View Registrations and select to edit the relevant animal
  - go to the Administration accordion. 
  - Change status to sold
  - Update the registration_ended date if appropriate

Overriding PremiumBreed's automatic checks

If you are making corrections, you can use the 'Force registration' option. To force a registration:
- Select the member from the member dropdown
- Select the animal from the animal dropdown
- Select edit from the animal dropdown
- Go to force registration
- Specify the year of registration
- Specify the flock/property for registration from the list

Releasing 'Held' or 'Quarantined' records and changes

- Select the member from the member dropdown
- Select 'Held Records' from the member dropdown
- Select edit alongside the animal
- Fix any issues or mistakes the member has made in the record
- Change the status to 'Ready'
- Click 'Save'
- Select 'Held Records' again from the member dropdown
- Press the green circle next to the record you wish to approve

If the record passes the automatic validation, it will be entered into the system. If the record doesn't pass automatic validation, the only way to register the animal will be to override the record. Se below for using the overrides

Releasing all held records at once for a member.

To release all held records at once, at the bottom of the held records list, click 'Process All'. Any records that meet automatic validation will be approved and entered into the system.

Releasing via an override

An animal that is blocked from registration will be recorded in that member's "Held Records". You can override the hold and push the animal in to the database if you need to. Please note, that once the animal is recorded in the database, then it will be considered to be accepted for all future assessments PremiumBreed completes.

To override a blocked record:

- Select the member from the member dropdown
- Select 'Held Records' from the member dropdown
- Select edit alongside the animal
- Fix any issues or mistakes the member has made in the record
- Enter your password to PremiumBreed into the override
- Select the appropriate member to register the animal (or change) to
- Click 'Commit changes to database'

If the record passes the automatic validation, it will be entered into the system. If the record doesn't pass automatic validation, the only way to register the animal will be to override the record.

Approving Changes

If your PremiumBreed allows members to submit data, you have the option of being able to approve this data before other members can see it. There are three types of changes you can approve:

  • Pedigrees
  • Statistics
  • Images

Approving Statistics

When you view an animal requiring approval, you will see a 'Tick' next to each statistic.
  • To approve a statistic, click on the 'Tick' next to it.
  • To remove a statistic, click on the red x

Approving Pedigrees

To approve a pedigree:
  • Select the animal dropdown menu
  • Click on 'Approve pedigree'

Clearing the 'Pink' Information bubbles

The pink bubbles indicate that there is an administration task that is waiting on this animal. This could be:
  • A record in a member's holding table
  • An open task still linked to the animal
Once these items are cleared, the bubble should return to normal.

Troubleshooting missing registrations

In some cases, you will see a registration in your registrations list, however they will not appear for selection for 'Joining'.

If this is the case, you may have two REGISTERED properties under your name which need to be merged.  Contact your administrator to merge these, and then you should be able to select your joining animals appropriately.

Attributes and Statistics

Attributes are specified at the Association level, but can be customised.

Add a dropdown list to an attribute

As an administrator, click on 'Manage Attributes' in your sidebar. You will see a list of your existing attributes, you can choose to edit an existing one, or create a new one. To make a dropdown list:
- Ensure that Specified Values Only is set to Yes
- Create a list of your dropdown values separated by commas in Description Values (eg. 1,2,3,4 or Red,Green,Blue)
- Click Save
Your attribute will now show the updated dropdown list.

Removing an attribute column from the system

Depending on exactly what you're after, you may wish to just stop future updates to that attribute, or you want to hide it all together. To do either of these:
- Click on 'Manage Attributes' in your sidebar
  - Edit the Attribute you wish to hide
  - Scroll down to 'Attribute Admin'
  - If you want to just block future updates, set Active to 'No'
  - If you want to block updates and hide that attribute, set Active and Display to 'No'


PremiumBreed can track ownership transfers between members, and to non-members

How to process a transfer of ownership

Registered Transfers

Transfers can be processed between any two people within the database, regardless of membership status.

Follow this simple process to complete a transfer.

Registering animals for transfer

Only existing animals in the system can be transferred. If they do not yet exist, complete their registration before continuing on.

Starting a transfer

  • Select a member
  • Click 'Transfer Animal'

Selecting a buyer for the transfer

The person that is receiving the transfer may already be in the system as a member or a non-member. The buyer may have also bought from this member before. You have the option to choose either:

  • New buyer
  • Repeat buyer
  • All Contacts (for administrators only)
  • Association Member

Either search for the existing entry, or enter a new buyer from scratch. If the buyer already exists in the system, PremiumBreed in most cases can complete a match automatically.

Specify the transfer date

The next screen will ask for the date of transfer. Once this is entered, you will be taken to select the animals to be transferred.

Adding animals to a transfer

Here, you will have a list of all of the animals that are available for transfer from the currently selected member. Click "Transfer" next to each entry to be transferred, and then at the bottom of the page, click 'Continue'.

Reviewing the transfer

You should now see a summary of your transfer, including:

  • Person transferred from
  • Person transferred to
  • Animals to be transferred

If you need to, you can click on 'Add animals to transfer' to transfer more than one animal at once.

Submitting a transfer

Once you are happy with this transfer, click 'Submit transfer' to lodge this request and update the animal's movement history.

Late transfers

The PremiumBreed system can automatically block transfers that are older than 60 days. If this happens, an Administrator will simply need to go back into the transfer, and click 'Submit' again.

Transfer troubleshooting

Occasionally, PremiumBreed will block a transfer if it doesn't meet automatic validation rules. There are a range of different error messages that you might receive, but they will generally give you a good idea of how to fix a problem.

Animal has already been transferred

In this case, PremiumBreed only allows an animal to be transferred from a seller once. This is a built in protection, so the same animal cannot accidentally be recorded as being sold by the same vendor twice. PremiumBreed will identify where the animal has been transferred previously, and give you a link to this entry. From here, you have a few options on how to proceed.
  • Cancel the original transfer
  • Correctly identify the new animal (if different from the existing one) and process a new registration
  • Cancel the new transfer

Animal won't attach to a transfer

If the animal you are selecting doesn't appear to attach to a transfer, chances are it has already been added to a different transfer from the same vendor.  Take a look at other transfer sales for that vendor, and you should find the previous entry.

Reverting a transfer

In the event a finalised transfer should be undone, you can revert the transfer.  To do so:

  • Use the 'Transfer' dropdown and search for the transfer you wish to revert
  • Select the relevant transfer
  • Use the 'Transfer' dropdown again and select 'Revert'


You can manage pedigrees in a variety of ways in PremiumBreed

Creating and editing pedigrees

You can build any pedigrees you need via the Animal Detail screen. This screen allows you to save photos, a description, and record statistics for your animals.

When you can't find an animal

If you don't see an animal in the list of suggested animals, it means it has not been registered to the breeder in the year of the animal's birth. You can:

  • Check to see if the parent has been registered to the breeder before building the pedigree
  • Try the 'Add New' option. This will provide you with two choices to build your pedigree: search for an existing animal, or register a new one.

Types of Pedigree Links

Backfill Registration

The system will attempt to backfill registration before trying any other type of links.

If the registration history of the parent is incomplete, but can be assumed easily, the system will 'backfill' the registration without needing any other special arrangements.

Leasing or Breeding Service

The registration history may show that the parent was registered to another breeder at the time the child was born. In this case, you will need to set up a lease or a breeding service.

*Lease: * A lease will show up in the animals movement history.

*Breeding Service: * A breeding service will not show up in the movement history.

Once this process is complete, you should then be able to attach the animal to your pedigree.

Search for existing animals

Use any combination of the drop-down fields to find the animal. It may take a few attempts, to account for spelling errors or other possible mistakes. Once you have the animal, the system will attempt to link it as a possible parent.

Register new animals

Follow the standard registration process here. When you have completed these steps, the animal should be available for your pedigree. Some Association's restrict how a pedigree can be built. If there is an issue, the system will notify you.

Creating custom leases

Leases can be created within the Pedigree Builder by administrators, or they can alternatively be created manually.

To create a manual lease:

  • Select the owner of the animal
  • Go to 'Edit Properties'
  • Select the appropriate property (most will only have one entry)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click on 'Leases Out'
  • Search for the member you are leasing to
  • Select which animals are being leased
  • Specify dates for the lease

If you have issues with building leases

  • Check to make sure the animal is currently registered to the owner (you cannot build retrospective leases this way)
  • You can build a lease in reverse (using Leases In), but only between members.

Downloading Certificates

Depending on the permissions set by your breed society, you can either:

  • Download a pedigree from the animal detail page (see Generate Certificate at the bottom of the animal detail screen); or
  • Request a certificate be issued by your registrar

Once the request has been issued, a registrar will see this request the next time they log in to the PremiumBreed system.