Attributes and Statistics

Attributes and Statistics

Attributes are specified at the Association level, but can be customised.

Add a dropdown list to an attribute

As an administrator, click on 'Manage Attributes' in your sidebar. You will see a list of your existing attributes, you can choose to edit an existing one, or create a new one. To make a dropdown list:
- Ensure that Specified Values Only is set to Yes
- Create a list of your dropdown values separated by commas in Description Values (eg. 1,2,3,4 or Red,Green,Blue)
- Click Save
Your attribute will now show the updated dropdown list.

Removing an attribute column from the system

Depending on exactly what you're after, you may wish to just stop future updates to that attribute, or you want to hide it all together. To do either of these:
- Click on 'Manage Attributes' in your sidebar
  - Edit the Attribute you wish to hide
  - Scroll down to 'Attribute Admin'
  - If you want to just block future updates, set Active to 'No'
  - If you want to block updates and hide that attribute, set Active and Display to 'No'