Emailing Members

Emailing Members

There are several ways to communicate via PremiumBreed, depending on what you need to do.  You can send emails directly to your membership base, or you can notify them of your message once they log in to PremiumBreed.

Email Templates

You can create new message templates by using the 'Manage Templates' link in the sidebar. Any templates you create here can be used again later, such as if you need to send a similar email to members many times.

Create an email template

  • Click Manage Templates in the sidebar under 'Admin Tools'
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and click 'Create message template'
  • Fill in the information and click 'Save'
  • This template will now be available to you next time you send out a notification

Using merge tags in email templates

A merge tag for a member's first name will look like this ##first_name##. There are quite a few merge tags available, allowing you to personalise an email message. At the time of preparing the message, the system will attempt to insert the first name of a person into the document. These merge fields are only available for automated notifications like password resets, or certificate generation. **Please note that these tags will not work when you try to use the 'Send Notification' feature.

Updating or creating new merge tags

If you want to change information in a merge field, like address or association administrator, you will need to contact PremiumBreed Support at

Changing Custom Templates

If PremiumBreed support have built a custom template for you, you will not be able to change it. This is most often for registration certificates, where advanced formatting is required. All changes will need to be requested through PremiumBreed Support at

Sending Emails

How do I send a group email from PremiumBreed?

Currently, only administrators can send emails from PremiumBreed.

To send a group email, you can use PremiumBreed's Notification system. To send an email to an individual member, use the 'Email' option on the 'Update Membership' screen.

Step 1: Notification screen

Navigate to the 'Send Notification' link under Admin Tools in your sidebar.

Here, you can supply the subject, body and expiry date of your message.

When to use templates

If you send a message often, you may wish to use an existing template. If you want to save a custom template, follow the 'Create a Template' instruction further down the page.

- Select a template by clicking the 'Select Template' button in the top right corner.
- NOTE: merge fields (IE ##greeting##) do not work from this screen. You should remove them and replace with your own content.

Step 2: Selecting attachments

You can only select attachments already uploaded to the document library. To upload new documents, see the 'Using the Document Library' section below.

To attach documents:

- Select the document category from the drop-down list.
- Click on any attachments you want to add.
- Close the pop-up window when complete

If this was successful, you should see your documents listed under 'Attached' on the main screen

You can double check these attachments are correct by clicking on them.

The attachments will open up in a new window so you don't lose your place in sending the message.

Step 3: Selecting recipients

You will see a list of groups that you can distribute your messages to. By default, you have the option to send to :
- only members
- all entries in your PremiumBreed edition,
- members by state
- PremiumBreed user groups

Don't worry if you want to remove some recipients before sending, this can be done in Step 5: Check recipients.

Once you have selected your recipients, click 'Select', and you will see your chosen groups on the right.

The selected groups will then appear on the right. If you make a mistake, simply change your selection of checkboxes and click 'Select' again.

When you are done, click 'Next'

Step 4. Choosing a delivery method

Here, you select how the message will be delivered to your recipients. The two most common choices are Online Notification and Email.

You can also select other delivery options such as Post, or Telephone. selecting these options will create a series of tasks for you to follow up manually.

Put your 'Preferred' delivery option in 'Primary delivery by:'. You should note that:

- Only people with PremiumBreed accounts receive Online Notifications
- Only people with email addresses receive 'Email' notifications

When sending a message, if the 'Primary' delivery option succeeds for a recipient, the system will not reattempt delivery via the second option.

We always recommend you use two delivery options for notifications that need to go to your whole membership. For example, you may wish to create an 'Email' Notification with a 'Post' backup.

Once you have made your selection, click Next

Step 5: Check Recipients

Here, the system will generate a list of recipients based off the groups you selected in Step 3. Here, you can remove any individuals you want to be omitted from the notification.

In the list, you will also see what 'Method' each user is receiving the notification by. This can be particularly handy to check in case some recipients don't have an email address or PremiumBreed account.

To send, choose either 'Send individually' or 'Send as group (email only)'

Send Individually sends individual notifications out to each person. They have no idea who the other recipients are.

Send as group sends the message as a group email. This means that all recipients can see each other, and they can 'Reply to All' to continue discussion. This is particularly useful for Committee emails that are expected to generate discussion.

Sending Notifications

Use the same process as sending an email, except at step 4, select 'Online Notification' instead of 'Email' as your delivery method.