Creating and editing pedigrees

Creating and editing pedigrees

You can build any pedigrees you need via the Animal Detail screen. This screen allows you to save photos, a description, and record statistics for your animals.

When you can't find an animal

If you don't see an animal in the list of suggested animals, it means it has not been registered to the breeder in the year of the animal's birth. You can:

  • Check to see if the parent has been registered to the breeder before building the pedigree
  • Try the 'Add New' option. This will provide you with two choices to build your pedigree: search for an existing animal, or register a new one.

Types of Pedigree Links

Backfill Registration

The system will attempt to backfill registration before trying any other type of links.

If the registration history of the parent is incomplete, but can be assumed easily, the system will 'backfill' the registration without needing any other special arrangements.

Leasing or Breeding Service

The registration history may show that the parent was registered to another breeder at the time the child was born. In this case, you will need to set up a lease or a breeding service.

*Lease: * A lease will show up in the animals movement history.

*Breeding Service: * A breeding service will not show up in the movement history.

Once this process is complete, you should then be able to attach the animal to your pedigree.

Search for existing animals

Use any combination of the drop-down fields to find the animal. It may take a few attempts, to account for spelling errors or other possible mistakes. Once you have the animal, the system will attempt to link it as a possible parent.

Register new animals

Follow the standard registration process here. When you have completed these steps, the animal should be available for your pedigree. Some Association's restrict how a pedigree can be built. If there is an issue, the system will notify you.

Creating custom leases

Leases can be created within the Pedigree Builder by administrators, or they can alternatively be created manually.

To create a manual lease:

  • Select the owner of the animal
  • Go to 'Edit Properties'
  • Select the appropriate property (most will only have one entry)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click on 'Leases Out'
  • Search for the member you are leasing to
  • Select which animals are being leased
  • Specify dates for the lease

If you have issues with building leases

  • Check to make sure the animal is currently registered to the owner (you cannot build retrospective leases this way)
  • You can build a lease in reverse (using Leases In), but only between members.