Receiving payments

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Receiving payments

To receive a payment:

  • Find the appropriate invoice that has been issued
  • Click 'Receive Payment'
  • Select the payment type, common options are:
    • Account Credit (for when you are receiving no money, but are applying a credit to that person's payment)
    • Direct Credit (for electronic funds transfers)
    • Credit Card (for PremiumBreed online payments)
    • Cheque (for receiving cheque or money order payments)

Depending on the payment type, additional steps may apply

Credit Card

Credit Card payments are automatically taken as 'Paid' and reconciled.  No further action is neccessary.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit payments will need to be reconciled at a later stage from 'Reconcile Direct Deposits'.  This is so you can match what payments are being advised to what appears on your bank statement


Cheque payments will need to be deposited into your bank account.  PremiumBreed records each cheque received in a holding area, and then when the time comes to deposit them into your bank, you can go to 'Deposit Slips' and create a new deposit slip.