Troubleshooting Login Problems

Troubleshooting Login Problems

When a member cannot log in to your system, be sure to get the exact message that they are seeing, and check here in the support guide for a specific solution.

Unable to see membership information after logging in

Most likely, the member's account is no longer connected to their login.  This can happen if there has been a merge, though the issue is not common.

To resolve this:

  • Log into your PremiumBreed system
  • From the Member dropdown, do a 'search' and find the member
  • Take a note of their ID number (not their member number)
  • From the sidebar, go to User Accounts
  • Find the member in the list
  • Edit their account
  • Go to the administration tab
  • Enter their ID
  • And save

This time, when they log in, they will automatically be shown their own details.