Using the document system

Using the document system

You can use the PremiumBreed document library to manage all your records around your animals.

Sharing Documents

To share a document, you must create a 'Shareable category'.

To do this:

  • Go to your document library
  • Go to 'Browse by category'
  • Click 'Create Category'
  • Name your category
  • Fill in the sharing settings (note, if in doubt, fill them all in to have the same level)

Now that you have created this category, find the document you wish to share, and apply your new shareable category to it.

Getting my documents to show up in someone elses library

Once you follow the above steps, your document should now show up in other user's libraries.  The most common setting for this is to share with 'Association Members'.  This prevents other associations from seeing your shared document.

Unable to upload files

Most files can be stored in the system without issue, however large files may be a problem. The PremiumBreed file upload limit is 8 megabytes, and should be able to handle most pictures and documents. If your document is over this size, you will need to reduce the file size before uploading.

Linking documents to other areas

Linking documents is set to be enabled in the near future.